Slumdog millionaire cultural aspects

This movie tells the story of an young Indian man who grows up in the slums but almost miraculously wins the game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", most of the story is told as a flashback to his past as he tells how he knows the answer to the game's questions.

Again, not that there are many instances of Slumdog millionaire cultural aspects savvy capitalists, especially in the computer world. A scene thoroughly exemplifying this is the one in which an Indian kid is beaten up by a crowd for stealing, and an American couple rushes to his rescue.

Is Slumdog Millionaire an effective introduction to Indian culture? If so, how is it?

The construction of high-rise housing condos is also seen within the film. Culture constantly reminds us of who we are, of our dharma. It is the culture of Indians living abroad - trying to teach kids to be Indians in a Slumdog millionaire cultural aspects country.

Actually slums developed in India only in twentieth century, and the the lifestyle they are forced to adopt, is an aberration of the basic Indian culture rather than the core Indian culture.

Slumdog Millionaire : Dilemma of a New India

And why does not the Indian government protest, as the Chinese would indeed have, for a twisted and perverted portrayal of its own reality? After visiting Dharavi, I realized that the slum had been misrepresented in Slumdog Millionaire by design. It's not that the movie misrepresented or misinterpreted India but, it doesn't project the positive aspects well enough because, may be the director feels it's not necessary to support his story telling.

I hope one day all Indians would shine. However, as with all of my experiences in India this semester, I tried to push my prior judgments about Dharavi to the back of my mind and instead approach Dharavi with an open mind. The substance of what is produced in the magazine mirrors those that we have in America.

India is so diverse in all different aspects such as culture, language, music, traditons, economy caste and a lot different things. Interestingly enough, Indian culture is shown in the most globalized of manners.

Lack of positive aspects of Indian life: Jamal works at a call center. Because the Indian police can not imagine that a kid from the slums could have the intelligence to answer the questions correctly.

If you want to understand Indian culture, then watch Indian movies. It important to see this side of the picture too. You see the opulence that is displayed uninhibitedly, and you see the wealth that is shown off with no bounds.

The film is made by a non- Indian with a non- Indian perspective. The host of the original Indian Who wants to be a Millionaire? The the movie shows many police atrocities being committed on the hero of the movie on the night before he won the grand prize on the TV show.

First of all, they made it seem as all of India lives in a slum and can't make anything unless they miraculously go in a millionaire contest like he did. Coming to the exaggerations and errors, it will take a very long description to treat them all.

Yes the movie did show the dark side of India. Or is it merely the servant of capitalism?

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In its fixation on star personalities culture heroes? This faculty is the hero's principal weapon in the struggle for survival. Even the title can group an entire people into being perceived in one way, since "slum dog" is a derogative term used towards Indians.

Besides putting a culture down, these stereotypes allow for another culture Western culture in this case to appear to be the "better" culture of the two since it is implied that we apparently posses the tools in order to obtain wealth and glory, unlike the people of India.

High Context Communication The film depicts cultural bias but the message that is communicated is high context communication because it is understood between both parties. While we can criticise Hollywood if we feel that its depiction of that facet, i.

To me, India is about it's family bondings, inter-personal relationships, music, great educational standards, hard-working people, economic development, balance between classic culture and modernization, technology, great minds, great food But all those who have seen similar shows on TV will agree that commercial breaks are never taken between asking and answering of question.

When the missionaries began to evangelise India, they quickly realised that Hinduism was not only practised by a huge majority, but that it was so deeply rooted that it stood as the only barrier to their subjugating the entire subcontinent.

In other words, Western globalization has altered the way of thinking when it comes to class in India. You often find that these weddings are inspired by Bollywood fashion and music.

He added that he never would have touched the book had it not been written in English for a western audience to soil the image of India in the western minds. It rightly depicted the dark side of the Mumbai city life,infact it is more cruel in reality than in the movie.

It begins with Jamal as he is competing on the Indian version of Who wants to be a millionaire? Jamal invited Latika to come and stay with him and Salim because he recognizes that she was a slumdog and she was alone like them, and all slumdogs stick together.

The Challenge Of Fate And Destiny In Slumdog Millionaire

Like you, I think this will have to be in large part an esthetic sakti.In MAD TV, there are two versions that Millionaire has been in popular culture, the celebrity edition and then a version parodying the name of the show as "Who wants to be the President?" Also, Lorraine Swanson, one of the characters on MAD TV, appeared in one of the episodes where Millionaire was a skit in the show.

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The British film “Slumdog Millionaire” has been one of the year’s most talked-about movies. In addition to a highly lucrative run at the box office, the film earned several of the most prestigious awards in the film industry, including several Oscars. Conflict in Slumdog Millionaire Salim throwing Jamal out In Slumdog Millionaire after the main character's brother murders a gangster, he kicks his brother out of the apartment they share.

Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Delete Cancel. Indian culture it seemed almost strange that there was not more dance within the movie. Even this small clash of movie tradition highlights how folk culture varies.

Another thing that caused so much culture clash within the movie was the influence of pop culture.

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Pop culture permeates far deeper into the movie than folk culture did.

Slumdog millionaire cultural aspects
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