The reasons why i think using a compass and a straightedge is better than drawing programs

Trying to excite students about mathematics is all well and good; but numeracy should come first. Constructions by straightedge and compass can become an interesting part of mathematics education, just like geometry.

In the language of fields, a complex number that is planar has degree a power of two, and lies in a field extension that can be broken down into a tower of fields where each extension has degree two.

We don't perform better in teaching students numeracy by teaching them beautiful mathematics, even if they understand and appreciate them, just like making them really understand and care for Shakespeare's plays through performance, say will make them able to understand a set of written instructions, or write a coherent argument.

Explanation of the terms: They should be able to interpret graphs even the silly ones on the cover of every USA Today issue and be able to spot the distortions created by chopping axes, etc.

compass and stright edge vs. drawing program

Then I can measure the distance between the two endpoints with my compass. Sketch-freehand sketch of an object done with no use of geometry tools. This is also why I insist on seeing a demonstration of hand-drawing skills even for prospective employees who will only be doing computer drafting or modeling.

Yes we lost some of the abilities but we gained so much we can even compare. If a construction used only a straightedge and compass, it was called planar; if it also required one or more conic sections other than the circlethen it was called solid; the third category included all constructions that did not fall into either of the other two categories.

The board of education wants to divide the island into two zones so that students within each zone are always closer to their own high school than to the other one.

compass and straightedge construction

Why is this so? Construct the triangle ABC using two segments and one angle. Compass and straightedge more freedom in how you want your work to be done, easier to learn, always has hard copy right there as you draw.

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Then I can measure the distance between the two endpoints with my compass. Maybe I would have to do the extra step of making two auto-generated angle bisectors and intersecting them, but the point still stands.

But it is not part of the numeracy curriculum.

Straightedge and compass construction

Given triangle ABC construct three medians. Construct-use of compass and straightedge, with no relying on measurements. Introduce terms incenter and orthocenter. The ancient Greeks are the most well-known civilization for investigating these constructions on an elementary level.

Computation of binary digits[ edit ] In Simon Plouffe gave a ruler and compass algorithm that can be used to compute binary digits of certain numbers.

The main purpose of K education or at the very least, K-6 or K-8 should be numeracy, with some limited forays into mathematics just as the main purpose will be literacy with some limited forays into literature.

What if the compass collapse. Archimedes gave a solid construction of the regular 7-gon. Let the students draw an angle ABC.

compass and stright edge vs. drawing program

I have also used softwares like GeoGebra when training, and in my experience there are advantages and disadvantages to both systems. Start off the discussion with two simple problems.Jul 08,  · My students use compass and straightedge They have no computer in the classroom and there are practical hitches In my opinion, after more than 30 years of teaching math in high schools,I think that there is no need to use a computer program because they understand much better if they use their hands and simple instruments: Computer programs are too distractingStatus: Resolved.

I think that constructions with compass and straightedge are important in math education because are linked to the definition of a special subset of the real numbers: the constructible numbers.

Sep 12,  · Why would drawing with a pencil, paper, straightedge and compass be better than using a computer? Well, computers are more expensive than hand tools. Computers also require electricity, hand tools do Resolved. The beauty of straightedge and compass constructions, as opposed to the use of, say, a protractor, is that you don't measure anything.

Debating in Geometry?

With ruler and compass you can bisect an angle without knowing its size, whereas with a protractor, you would have to measure the angle and then calculate the result. Why their is a need for people to understand and be able to construct geometric figures using a compass and straightedge.

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A compass is a tool which can be used for drawing circles, The above argument is one of many reasons why the word provable appears in the definition. One can open the compass however wide one wants, Compass and straightedge constructions are of historical significance.

The reasons why i think using a compass and a straightedge is better than drawing programs
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